Friday, 20 April
Kurt-Ritter-Sportplatz in Friedrichshain
Rovers v FC Hertie 6-3 (5-2)
Rovers: Andrés – Alex D, Alexandre, Calvin, Joan, Mike D (c), Mike H, Nathan, Peter, Philip, Rafa A
Goals: Alex, Calvin, Rafa, Nathan
Great performance from the guys today! To be honest, the score could have been 12-5 with how many missed open shots both teams had. Rovers controlled the first half not counting the 2 sloppy goals let in, leaving it 5-2 at the half.
Second half Rovers lost control, but we were trying a different strategy and the opposition couldn’t find the back of the net until it was too late, plus great saves by Andres! In the end, Rafa put the nail in the coffin to make it 6-3.
Overall, we played very well. Some mistakes in the backfield, but I won’t name any names ;)
Great game guys! Good running!